The Lion – Nelson DeMille

Every time I read one of Nelson DeMille’s books, I comment – out loud – “this guy can flat out write.”  I have read almost everything he’s had published and I’ve never been disappointed.

With The Lion, he brings back one of my favorite characters, John Corey.  This is the fifth book to feature Corey.  I was reading the second, The Lion’s Game, on September 11, 2001.  I gotta tell ya, it hit pretty close to home at that time.  In fact, I didn’t finish it.  Fortunately, I was reading it for the second time so I haven’t missed out on anything.

The astute reader will notice the similarity in the titles of these two books.  That’s because they involve the same terrorist who goes by the nickname “The Lion.”  I guess I should have put a spoiler alert in here somewhere since those of you who haven’t read The Lion’s Game will probably be able to figure out that both John Corey and “The Lion” survive their first encounter.  I won’t tell you if either or both survive their next.


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