Winston’s War – Michael Dobbs

I stumbled across Michael Dobbs as a result of following a website called Tellyspotting.  It’s devoted to British Sit-Coms (or Brit-Coms, as they so cleverly call them) of which, like most things British, I am a big fan.  In one of their posts, they recommended a number of books by British authors and I made a note.  It’s not going to come as a surprise to anyone who knows me – or who has read this post thus far – that I would jump all over Winston’s War.

It. Was. Great.  It certainly didn’t hurt that I had recently completed Jenkins’ biography of Churchill so the historic context was fresh in my mind.  But, I think I would have found it to be an enjoyable read even if that were not the case.  Make no mistake about it: it’s a fictionalized account of the days leading up to Britain’s involvement in World War II.  But, I didn’t find a lot in there that wasn’t supported by Jenkin’s bio, either.  To be fair, there was a fair amount of artistic license taken with scenes and scenarios that aren’t supported by the historical record but that’s what makes it so much fun.  It’s with eager anticipation that I’m on the lookout for additional books by Dobbs (he’s written four more in the “Winston” series as well as unrelated books that take place in and around Parliament).


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