Night Prey – John Sandford

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do here on books I’ve read since I last posted about Devil’s Brood back in July.  There are three reasons for the delay: 1) I caught my second case of strep within a month and I quarantined myself from everything, including the computer; 2)  once I got back to feeling well enough to get on the computer, I spent most of my time there watching the rest of Sports Night (did I mention how great that show was?  Seriously, I was pissed when I got through the last episode…there’s so much crap on TV that’s completely unwatchable – in spite of what millions of Americans apparently think – while this bit of brilliance couldn’t get more than two seasons); and, 3) I didn’t really like the next book I read and so I haven’t been very motivated to write about it.

Night Prey is the sixth installment in the series which now numbers twenty-one.  John Sandford has also written books that are not part of the Prey series, some of which I’ve read and enjoyed.  Most of those were written after these early Prey books which leads me to believe that Sandford has gotten better over time.  And, I’ve got a good friend from my days on Capitol Hill who shares a lot of my tastes in fiction and who is a fan of his work.  So, I continue to believe that I’m going to find myself really enjoying this series at some point, hopefully soon.  Maybe more importantly that all of that, having already purchased most of these books, I’m sorta committed to reading them.


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